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valerie traan

in love with the architecture
then saw it was a gallery a very beautiful one


so beautiful i can't remember what they were called

enjoy your weekend  .          .  .   it's sunny in amsterdam


chaton de luxe said...

Dag Lorraine - het zijn koolraapjes niet? Ben er zelf dol op? Is ook zonnig in antwerpen! nog een fijn weekend! annemarie

mady dooijes said...

swedes in english, heerlijk!

Bonjour Juliette said...

i'm not sure i ever told you your blog is a breath of fresh smooth air, like a pretty cloud that soothes my eyes from time to time...
These indeed enchantingly good looking vegetables are called "navet" in french. I love them raw with grated fresh ginger & soy sauce, or cooked with honey and raisins.

Loraine said...

Hey Annemarie ,ja zou kunnen koolraapjes. Kocht ze een keer in antwerpen , zal eens kijken of ik ze hier kan vinden en dan uitproberen.

Er is nog meer zon op komst, fijn voor ons .

Hi Maddy , i'll see if i can find some swedes in amsterdam thanks !
now i have a word to google with

Hi Juliette , thank you
and thanks for the tranlation
i was thinking of making a puree
i will try your ideas as well

Carmen Eva said...

rabanitos...preciosos y picosos :)